Why You Should Invest in Tree Services

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Many people have trees in their yard that provide shade and beauty and help the natural ecosystem. These trees are important for our personal enjoyment and in promoting the health of the environment around us. In order to maintain these natural beauties, we need to take care of our trees so that they are healthy and safe for a long time. That’s where regular tree services come in.

Why You Should Invest in Tree Services

Investing in tree services can look like many different things. For example, tree services for your home could look like scheduling routine tree trimming to help promote new growth and eliminate dead or damaged branches. Tree services could also include shaping trees to ensure they provide the right amount of shade while keeping the lowest branches away from your roof.

Tree services also extend well beyond routine trimming to include tree removal when a tree has sustained major damage, poses a risk to your home, or has died and risks falling. In fact, tree removal could be one of the most important tree services you invest in for your home to maintain the health and vitality of your landscape.

Additionally, tree services can include other options, such as stump grinding and tree maintenance. Tree maintenance can look like proper winterization for the colder months or giving newly planted trees proper nutrition, so they grow into healthy, mature trees. Stump grinding can remove unwanted and unsightly stumps to help create space for new tree planting or promote the health of other surrounding trees.

At TarHeel Residential Tree Service, LLC, we believe tree care goes a long way toward a happy landscape and a happy household. If you have questions about tree services or need to schedule tree care solutions, contact us today.