What to Do When You Need Emergency Tree Service

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Here in the southeast, we are no strangers to large storms. Strong winds can pose a great risk to trees and to the people and structures surrounding them. If you have experienced problems that need immediate attention, our team at TarHeel Residential Tree Service, LLC offers emergency tree service. We can come to your aid when trees or large branches have fallen and the situation requires quick action. Here are few simple steps to follow when you need emergency tree service:

  • Leave the area, and do not try to remove the trees or branches yourself – The first and most important thing to do is to make sure everyone remains a safe distance away from the fallen tree or branches. Trying to move them yourself can increase the damage and puts you at a great risk of injury.

What to Do When You Need Emergency Tree Service

  • Call our professionals – Many insurance companies require that you work with tree service companies with experience and proper insurance. We carry over $2 million in liability insurance and have several decades of experience.
  • Contact your utility company if needed – If you see that any electrical or utility lines have been damaged, call your utility company to inform them of potential damage. Be very careful to keep your distance from these lines.
  • Take photos of any damage – While being careful to not get too close, take a few photographs of damage done to your home, property or car for insurance purposes.

With our professionals on your side, you can be confident that you will receive the best care and service you need in an emergency. Call us today to learn more about our emergency tree service or any of our other top rate tree services.