What Does Brush Cleanup Include?

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It’s amazing how fast vegetation grows, and a beautiful-looking spring landscaping reboot will last for a long time, but not forever. Brush cleanup keeps landscaping looking fresh and tidy and doesn’t take a whole lot of time once the prep work is done.

What Does Brush Cleanup Include?

What Prep Work is Involved With Brush Cleanup?

Instead of trimming one or two bushes and leaving it at that, our team at TarHeel Residential Tree Service, LLC starts with a property walkthrough and a detailed plan. We will then work to trim your hedges, remove overgrowth and weeds, and remove all the debris from your property. If there are large obstacles like tree stumps, they may need to be removed next.

Does Brush Cleanup Include Tree Removal?

Tree removal can be part of a brush cleanup, but with larger trees, more work will be needed. Smaller trees can usually be cut with axes and chainsaws, but big ones require more equipment. Shrubs are easier to remove, but it’s important to prune them down first.

Clearing Out Undergrowth

This is another important part of brush cleanup. A weed eater can do some of the work, but it’s important to pull out the roots, or the undergrowth will return. Roots can be very stubborn and will usually create new growth if they’re not taken out. And once everything is trimmed, pulled out, or cut down, the second phase begins: cleanup. This is the last part of the job, and in some cases, a dumpster is needed to collect all of the debris.

We have been in business since 1982, and brush cleanup is one of our specialties. Call us today to learn more.