What are the Benefits of Tree Topping?

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Trees provide us with shade, beauty, clean air, and a home for many little creatures. In the wild, trees are able to grow, thrive, and decay on their own. However, when trees are around people and structures, they need thoughtful care to thrive and not pose a hazard to people and places nearby. Along with proper watering, your trees need occasional trimming, or tree topping. There are several benefits of getting regular professional tree topping for trees on your property:

  • Storm damage prevention: Proper tree topping reduces the risk of your tree or any of its large limbs falling due to strong winds.

What are the Benefits of Tree Topping?

  • Improving the tree’s structure and health: In the tree topping process, dead limbs can be removed and branch crossing, which can lead to weak or frail branches, can be prevented.
  • Improved air flow and fruit yield: Tree topping will benefit the whole tree as there will be increased air flow and sun exposure. For fruit trees, this process can increase the size and yield of the fruit.
  • Avoiding power lines: If your tree is growing near power or telephone lines, tree topping is very important. This tree topping should be done by a trained professional to avoid serious risk of injury.

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