Six Tips for Better Year-Round Tree Care

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Many people enjoy the trees in their yard and want to see them remain healthy from season to season. While it may be tempting to leave trees to themselves for nutrients and livelihood, the truth is that tree care can go a long way towards ensuring the trees you love remain beautiful from year to year.

Six Tips for Better Year-Round Tree Care

Here are six tree care tips that will keep your landscape looking its best:

  1. Routine Tree Trimming – One of the things that should never be delayed is routine tree trimming. Especially as trees mature, they can have low-hanging or dead limbs that need to be removed for the safety of your family and the health of the tree. Scheduling tree trimming each year will ensure your trees are always in top shape.
  2. Tree Winterization – As the weather turns cooler, it’s important to provide your trees with proper winterization. For example, winter tree care can include properly mulching around the base of the tree to make sure it can retain the water it needs to get through the winter.
  3. Tree Removal – When you have a dead or severely damaged tree, it’s important to schedule tree removal. This not only helps improve the look of your landscape, but it can also be an important tree care step for protecting your home and the other trees nearby.
  4. Stump Grinding – Did you know that stump grinding can be a part of tree care? Old, rotten stumps can attract bugs and critters that you don’t want around your healthy trees nearby. Stump grinding can make your landscape safer and healthier and improve the health of other trees in your yard.
  5. Damaged Tree Limb Removal – If a storm has damaged one or more of a tree’s limbs, scheduling tree limb removal is critical for tree care. Removing dead or damaged limbs allows the tree to heal and focus on new growth.
  6. Proper Nutrition – Tree care includes providing trees with the proper nutrition to grow their best from year to year. Each type of tree needs different nutrients. For example, fruit trees might need something different than a mighty oak or walnut tree. Taking time to provide trees with the right nutrition can help keep bugs at bay and ensure you have beautiful, healthy trees to enjoy all year long.

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