Should Tree Maintenance Be Scheduled Annually?

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Most homeowners know that there are several annual maintenance tasks that they should do, as well as ones that should be turned over to a professional. It might surprise you that they don’t all have to do with your house itself. In fact, tree maintenance is one that is also recommended to be done annually. While some trees can live for decades or even longer, sometimes they need a bit of help to achieve a long life.

Should Tree Maintenance Be Scheduled Annually?

An annual tree maintenance appointment is the best way to have any disease issues resolved before the entire tree is adversely affected. For a tree to remain healthy, it could need anything from tree trimming to fertilizing and mulching depending on the season. An arborist can advise you about what your trees need throughout the year and schedule those services for when it is best to perform them.

Another benefit of tree maintenance is that you can be forewarned if a tree has not been planted in the best location so that it can be transplanted before it gets too large to deal with. For example, if it is a species that needs plenty of room and it was planted too close to your driveway, walkway, or power lines, it is best to know before it can cause damage.

If you would like to have the healthiest trees possible, reach out to us at TarHeel Residential Tree Service, LLC to schedule a tree maintenance appointment. We have been serving the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area’s tree services needs since 1982 and look forward to helping you have healthy and long-lasting trees.