Reasons to Handle Tree Branch Removal ASAP

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If you notice one of the trees near your home has a dead tree branch or even one that has grown a bit too close to your home’s roof, it’s critical that you contact a tree services company to handle the tree branch removal as soon as possible. Here are the top reasons why you shouldn’t delay:

  • Protect your home’s roof- If the branch is in contact with your roof and sweeps across it when the wind is blowing, it is likely to shorten the life of the shingles and can even damage a tile or metal roof. It might not require full tree branch removal, but pruning is definitely a good idea.

Reasons to Handle Tree Branch Removal ASAP

  • Danger of dead branch- If a dead branch falls, it can damage more than the roofing materials. If it is a large branch, it can also cause structural damage to the home, damage furniture and other belongings, and potentially cause an injury to someone inside.
  • Health of the tree- It is difficult for a tree to remain healthy if it has dead branches or ones that are diseased. Tree branch removal is necessary to keep the problem from spreading throughout the tree and could help you save the tree so you don’t need full tree removal instead.

If you notice a problem with one or more trees on your property, reach out to us at TarHeel Residential Tree Service, LLC. We are happy to send out an arborist to assess the health of your tree to determine if tree branch removal, tree topping, or tree trimming is needed. With our 55+ years of combined experience, we are confident we can provide the answers you seek about the health of your trees.