Help! I Need Fallen Tree Cleanup!

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While a fallen tree out in the woods isn’t something to worry about, a fallen tree should be removed as soon as possible when it happens on your property. It can create a major obstruction or may have caused damage to your home. And besides that, these trees can develop diseases and attracts pests.

Help! I Need Fallen Tree Cleanup!

Can I Handle Fallen Tree Cleanup On My Own?

While it’s probably fine to remove a small fallen tree by yourself, a large fallen tree cleanup should be left to the professionals. Special equipment and safety gear must be used, and certain procedures need to be followed.

The Basics of a Fallen Tree Cleanup

With large fallen trees, the branches must be removed before the trunk can get cut up into manageable pieces. Then, it can get hauled away. Stump removal is optional, but it will remove the eyesore and prevent the tree from growing back.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover the Cost?

The only way to answer this question is to consult your policy and/or contact your insurance agency. These policies vary, and all of them have exclusions. Homeowners’ insurance policies generally have named perils, so if the fallen tree damaged a structure on your property (home, garage, shed), you may be covered. Named perils often include thunderstorms, hail, and other events. If the tree was diseased or dead when it fell, you might not be covered.

At TarHeel Residential Tree Service, LLC we provide off-hours emergency fallen tree cleanup services and have the equipment to remove the debris quickly and efficiently. Call us anytime.