Does Tree Cleanup Include Stump Removal?

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When trees get out of hand, they can take over properties, with the branches extending into usable space, falling on the ground, or worse. Stumps can also be a problem, whether from freshly cut-down trees or older ones. At TarHeel Residential Roofing and Tree Service, LLC, stump removal is one of our tree cleanup services, and we have been doing both since 1982.

Does Tree Cleanup Include Stump Removal?

Why Tree Cleanup is Important

Healthy, overgrown trees can present certain risks to property owners, so preventative tree cleanup is important. When heavy branches get too long, they can grow over and around homes and other buildings. They can scratch the siding and hit other parts of the structure. And during a storm, high winds and precipitation can cause them to break. Older and weaker trees are more likely to have breaks. It can be hard to know if a tree isn’t healthy, but if it is leaning or has cracks, the chances are likely.

Why Should Stumps be Removed?

Tree stumps can be hazardous because they can be tripped over and cause injuries. Besides that, they get in the way when you have to mow your lawn. Stumps can also attract termites and other pests.

A thorough tree cleanup involves trimming the tops of trees (crowns), removing old and damaged branches, and removing all of the debris. Stump removal can be part of this, and we can grind them up and remove the roots so you won’t have to worry about new growth.

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