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You can count on us for friendly, professional tree services.

Having trees on your property is great for a multitude of reasons. They provide shade and enhance the look of your property. Some bear fruit or produce beautiful flowers, and of course, we can’t forget the amazing benefits they provide for the environment. It’s important to invest in regular tree services to keep your trees healthy and looking their best, which is where our team at TarHeel Residential Tree Service, LLC comes in. We provide professional tree services to residents of Advance, North Carolina, and we would be thrilled to assist you with caring for your trees.

Tree Service in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Our team of skilled technicians has over 56 years of combined experience in the tree care industry. Whether you need a tree completely removed or are looking for someone who can provide trimming, pruning, and other maintenance services to keep your trees looking their best, we’re here to help. We even offer emergency tree service to handle situations that simply cannot wait. If a tree or branch has fallen or is in a precarious position that threatens you or your property, we’ll come out and remove it as quickly as possible.

A tree service can create a lot of debris, but when you work with us, you never have to worry about cleaning up after we’re gone. We’ll take care of hauling everything away, and we can also handle grinding down any stumps that are left after a removal service. As part of our commitment to your total satisfaction, we only charge for a tree service after we’ve completed it.

For more information on the tree care we offer or to get started with a service, contact our office today.

Tree Service, Winston-Salem, NC