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In a lovely area like Kernersville, North Carolina, you are bound to see plenty of large, mature trees. Because of the climate in our area and the level of rainfall, larger, more impressive trees are able to grow and flourish to their full capacity. However, in order for trees to grow and mature in a healthy, disease-free way, you need tree care assistance from professionals like ours here at TarHeel Residential Tree Service, LLC. With our 56 years of combined experience, you are going to get excellent tree care and tree care service for your trees, allowing us to watch with you as they grow into majestic arboreal friends.

Tree Care in Kernersville, North Carolina

When we care for your trees, we take all areas of the tree into account, from the roots on up! It is often the roots where you can first see problems with a tree. If a tree is getting inadequate nourishment or moisture, then it has a hard time developing a root structure that will provide adequate anchoring during storms and times of high wind. Having our professionals ensure that your trees are getting the right type and right amount of crucial nutrients is important. This is especially true if you live in a more suburban area of Kernersville where there have been recent developments around older trees, which can throw off the amount and availability of soil nutrients.

After the roots, we take a look at the trunk of your tree. The trunk of your tree is often the most neglected portion but is also one of the most important. You need a strong tree trunk in order for water and nutrients to move up from the roots and also down from the canopy of leaves. Younger trees have softer, thinner bark and are often more prone to damage that isn’t always easily repaired. Our team of experts can help you in this area by ensuring that your trees are properly planted and transported to give the tree trunk the protection it needs to grow strong. Your tree trunk and bark are often the areas that are affected by certain tree diseases, and it is therefore important to pay attention to the bark of your trees and notify our team if you notice any changes.

Finally, it is crucial that you take care of the canopy of your leafing trees. Trees need their leaves to absorb sunlight and turn that into energy that it can use for growth. In order for trees to grow properly with large branches and have the support they need, you need to prune them regularly. Pruning can be damaging to a tree if it isn’t done correctly and dangerous to the person doing the pruning as well. Here at TarHeel Residential Tree Service, LLC, we complete pruning both for health and aesthetic reasons on a regular basis and would be happy to ensure that your tree canopy is growing properly.

If you are looking for someone who can skillfully and expertly help you with your tree care needs, then please contact us here at TarHeel Residential Tree Service, LLC today.

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