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Get peace of mind when you purchase lifetime warranty roofing for your home.

At TarHeel Residential Roofing and Tree Service, LLC, we understand that purchasing a new roof is a major investment. Your home is likely your largest financial asset, and the roof is one of the most important defenses it has against the elements. If it is time to replace the roof on your home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, it is a great idea to consider investing in lifetime warranty roofing.

Lifetime Warranty Roofing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

What is lifetime warranty roofing? Well, the terminology can mean slightly different things depending on the manufacturing company, but typically, these warranties last for the lifetime of whatever roofing material you choose (three-tab shingles, architectural shingles, or metal roofing) and could be 50 years or even more. The warranty covers manufacturing mistakes and defects, meaning that if your roof starts leaking because of a poorly constructed shingle or sheet of metal, you can get help fixing the problem.

Get peace of mind when you purchase lifetime warranty roofing for your home. Feel even more confident in your choice when you choose us to expertly install it. Our skilled, efficient team will put all of our experience and equipment to work for you, and we will clean up properly after ourselves when the job is done. We are committed to doing things the right way the first time and will use correct techniques that protect the integrity of the roofing materials you choose to have installed on your home.

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