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When you choose architectural roofing, you will get a beautiful, long-lasting result.

Most homes in this area have shingle roofing. The most common option is the three-tab shingle, which is a cost-effective choice that comes in many different colors to suit your aesthetic tastes. However, since the 1980s, there has been a different option – architectural roofing shingles. This fresh take on shingles has a distinct appearance with more dimensionality and comes in an array of colors, textures, and styles. You can even get architectural roofing that mimics the look of cedar shakes or slate roof tiles without the added cost and weight of these materials.

Architectural Roofing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The reasons to choose architectural roofing over three-tab shingles go way beyond appearances. The distinct appearance comes from the manufacturing process. They are more substantial, composed of a heavy fiberglass mat base that is coated in ceramic mineral granules that are tightly embedded in the asphalt layer. Because of this superior construction, they offer a much higher wind rating and longer lifespan than other types of shingles.

When you choose architectural roofing for your home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, you will get a beautiful, long-lasting result. When you turn to us at TarHeel Residential Roofing and Tree Service, LLC for your new roofing installation, you can be confident you’ll get the results you want. Our locally owned company started as a small tree service and has now grown to be a trusted source of quality workmanship. We are committed to your complete satisfaction and offer flexible scheduling to suit your busy schedule. Contact us now to discuss your roofing needs.