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We offer emergency tree service for time-sensitive situations.

There are many things that can happen at your Clemmons, North Carolina home that require immediate attention. It is because of this that so many service companies are willing to be available for emergency situations. At TarHeel Residential Roofing and Tree Service, LLC, we know that while many tree service needs are not time-sensitive, there are times when you need emergency tree service. If you have a tree or large branch that has fallen on your home or across your driveway, you can’t wait days to get it resolved. Our emergency tree service is designed for unsafe conditions that could result in more problems if you had to wait for service.

Emergency Tree Service in Clemmons, North Carolina

We have built a reputation since our inception in 1982 as a tree service company that will do what is necessary for our customers. With so many years of experience and the heavy-duty equipment needed, we are your best choice for emergency tree service in the area. Whether you have just a couple large branches in the way or a fully-toppled tree, we’ll get to work to clear the space so you can get back to normal.

You can rest assured that safety is a priority with our emergency tree service. Our team follows strict safety protocols and we further protect you with $2 million liability insurance coverage. This isn’t the kind of project that you should turn over to someone without our decades of experience, and with our competitive pricing, you won’t be tempted to do so.

If you require emergency tree services or you have questions about any of our full-service tree care services, including maintenance, trimming, topping, and tree removal, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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